H O M E 

I built this house in 2009 as a successor to The Haa, Tangwick (now Tangwick Haa Museum), which my family the Cheynes of Tangwick built shortly after they arrived in Shetland in the latter part of the 16th century and where they lived and carried on their businesses of landowning, trading (including smuggling and privateering) and fishing for the best part of 300 years.

The house is built on the site of the old crofthouse of The Hoop, which was occupied for 200 years by the Thomson family of whom Tina Thomson was the last representative. She was a great character and a great friend. I hope she approves.
Eshaness is a particularly special part of Shetland and my family and friends love coming here. I hope that visitors to this house will enjoy it too.
Robert Cheyne Turcan of Tangwick

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